Zella Hazelnuts, The Best Nuts You Will Ever Taste


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Warren Harper is the President of Harper Farms and the Grower of Zella Hazelnuts.

Zella Hazelnuts

Oregon’s Willamette valley grows 99% of the hazelnuts grown in the United States. Zella nuts are the best of the harvest.

Grown by sixth-generation Oregon farmers, Zella Hazelnuts are high in heart-healthy oils and proteins. Each nut is encased in a flavorful, thin skin that is extremely high in antioxidants. It’s Mother Nature’s perfect nutritious package.


Chef Eileen McLellan roasts Zellas in small batches. The result? Incomparably delicious.

The secret roasting process makes these hazelnuts the most flavorful nuts you will ever taste. Small batches, the perfect balance of heat and humidity, and careful packaging hold the secrets to nuts good enough to be called Zella Nuts.

Original Zella Nuts are enjoyed alone, tossed in salads or pastas, or marinated at the bottom of your favorite martini. Try Rogue Zella Nuts with artisan cheese, robust wine, or dark chocolate.


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Currently, there are TWO delicious flavors of Zella Nuts, with more being created by Chef Eileen.


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