Zella Hazelnuts are the nuts that the world
is starting to crave. Why?

Quality. Freshness. Flavor.

Only hazelnuts from Oregon’s Harper Farms and their partner farms are allowed to become Zella nuts. The premium-grown nuts are selected for size, then dried and stored for optimum freshness. Upon a customer’s order, Zella Hazelnuts are shelled then carefully roasted in Zella ovens. The result? Addictive perfection.

Original Roasted Zella Nuts

Zella Nuts come in two flavors.

The nuts are roasted by Chef Eileen Harper McLellan in small batches, and when we say they are “perfectly roasted,” that is exactly what we mean.

Rogue Zella Nuts

Large and creamy, the premium nuts are unlike any other snack nuts. Packaged to tuck into briefcases, desk drawers, glove boxes or lunch bags, Zella nuts are nutritional bursts of energy.

Packaging is airtight, and when Zella nuts
are opened, it is impossible not to stuff one’s nose in the bag – sniffing, perhaps for the first time, the authentic aroma of toasted hazelnuts. Once tasted, the reaction is universal:

"These are the best nuts I have
ever tasted.”

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